Saturday, January 9, 2016

Amber Route - 1983 - Ghost Tracks

Amber Route 
Ghost Tracks

01. Fighting With One-Eyed Lord
02. Don't Drink Lemonade
03. Before You
04. Abyss Of The Birds
05. Don't drink Lemonade (German Version)

- Walter Holland / vocals, clarinet, piano, synthesizer
- Richard Watson / vocals, guitar, synthesizer

Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Lou Rossi
Drums, Percussion [Acoustic Percussion] – Mark Harris
Piano – Steve Leondard
Vocals – Diana Harte

Recorded and mixed at Gopher Baroque Productions, Westminster, CA, between 1982 and April 1983.

AMBER ROUTE were founded in 1973. The band was born when Walter Holland, a synthesist from California, joined with Richard Watson. The band released two sought-after albums named 'Snail Headed Victrolas' and 'Ghost Tracks', from 1980 and 1983 respectively. Their sound is a mixture of space rock in floydian style and electronic soundscapes reminiscent of Tangerine Dream sequences. Walter Holland (vocals, guitar, synthesizer) and Richard Watson (vocals, clarinet, piano, synthesizer).



  2. Thanx for these,most excellent! sound more Cosmic Jokers/White Noise/early Floyd than Ozrics to me,but that's just a matter of detail... :-D

  3. Truly, lost gems,these albums! Epic stuff! :-D