Saturday, January 9, 2016

Amber Route - 1980 - Snail Headed Victrolas

Amber Route
Snail Headed Victrolas

01. Snail Headed Victrolas
02. When Cries Are Photographed Finally As Ravens
03. Martyrs
04. Asteroid Joiroid

Recorded 1980 at Phantom Recording Studios, Midway City, CA.

- Walter Holland / vocals, clarinet, piano, synthesizer
- Richard Watson / vocals, guitar, synthesizer

AMBER ROUTE were founded in 1973. Spiritus movens of the band was Walter Holland, a synthesist from California.The band was born when he joined with Richard Watson - the band released two sought-after albums named 'Snail Headed Victrolas' and 'Ghost Tracks', from 1980 and 1983 respectively. Their sound is a mixture of space rock in floydian style and electronic soundscapes reminiscent of Tangerine Dream sequences.

The release of the band are highly rewarding - namely the 'Asteroid jorioud', the side-long suite from their debut album. The band used a wide array of instrument to express their music: Walter Holland (vocals, guitar, synthesizer)and Richard Watson (vocals, clarinet, piano, synthesizer).

Walter Holland continued a solo career in the late 80's.

This release is the brain-child of black tape for a blue girl guest musicians Walter Holland and Richard Watson (Walter sings “Lie Broken, Bleeding” on Mesmerized by the sirens and “The touch and the darkness” on Ashes in the brittle air). The deep cybernetic chants of introspective martyrs flirt over post-psychedelic landscapes forged upon the sounds of Stratosfear-era T.Dream and early ’70s Pink Floyd. Archive opens the vaults with 1980’s Snail Headed Victrolas. Analog electronics and stirring guitars, the first American independent album to catch Sam’s ear. Acid-hazed mind-trips, ripe with sounds and emotions few have been able to capture.
“Hippy space rock revisited. Bear in mind Ozric Tentacles have made a living out of emulating this stuff. At least Amber Route were there first.” (THE EMPTY QUARTER)



  2. Had to check this out with the Ozrics reference-I've known some of them since we were all teenagers,and also supported and even jammed with them in the mid 80s!