Saturday, January 9, 2016

Alto - 1980 - Happy Ambrosia

Happy Ambrosia

01. Dark veils
02. She knows it's gone
03. Happy ambrosia
04. New mornin'
05. Nanga parbat
06. Communication '79
07. Outside
08. Psychodelic island
09. Flowers in the garden
10. Fiery orbits

Gembus, Heinz (bass) Guru Guru; Roland & die "Dadadogs"       
Kochbeck, Georg (keyboards, vocals)  Es    
Kochbeck, Jürgen "Georg" (keyboards, vocals) Es; Skyline       
Meier, Ellen (vocals) Es; Göldner, Andy; Pago Pago; Tomorrow's Gift       
Pappert, Johannes A. (also sax, percussion) Es; Groh, Muck; Kraan; Liliental; Release Music Orchestra (RMO)      
Stickdorn, Micky 'Mickie' (drums, percussion vocals)   

Alto was the name for the short-lived rock and fusion project fronted by former Kraan saxophone player Johannes "Alto" Pappert. They were never really a proper band, as Alto (check the LP covers) was really more of an ego trip for Johannes Pappert, showing off his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, and featuring a hoard of top musicians and Kraan friends as guests. Typical of many such late-70's productions, despite all the talent involved, the results were nothing special, just a lighter more varied twist on the Kraan of the era. Better than most such projects, but very dilute all the same.