Sunday, January 3, 2016

Alexander's Timeless Bloozband - 1967 - Alexander's Timeless Bloozband Record

Alexander's Timeless Bloozband 
Alexander's Timeless Bloozband Record

01. Help Me
02. Killing Floor
03. Guitar Song
04. Favorite Things
05. Sloppy Drunk
06. #1
07. Swannanoa Tunnel
08. Sweet Little Angel

Charles Lamont — keyboards, bass, guitar, French horn, harmonica, vocals
Carl Lockhart — keyboards, bass, alto saxophone, vocals
Larry Marks — harmonica, trombone, vocals
Dennis Geaney — guitar, bass
Spencer Conway – drums

Looser and more ragged than their UNI lp, but also more energetic.  The group would re-record "Help Me", "Swannoa Tunnel", and "Guitar Song" (which they would re-title "Love So Strong")for For Sale, but the best moments here are the Bacchanalia ode "Sloppy Drunk", and a fine version of "Killing Floor".  The group gets points for adventurousness with a crosseyed version of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.  It's too bad that this album's so hard to find

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