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Alco - 1972 - Threads of life

Threads of life

01. When I Was A Child - Rain Upon My Mind (13:29)
02. In My Dreams (5:46)
03. Waiting To Be Born (5:47)
04. Look At The Clouds (1:42)
05. Linda (3:08)
06. Hello Love (3:30)
07. The Chordbuster March (1:27)
08. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (1:20)
09. De Animals A-Comin'(1:50)
10. Bill Grogan's Goat (2:20)
11. Humble (2:27)
12. Ashmolian Band (1:35)

Tim Ceasar: Keyboards & Lead Vocals
Paul Fidlin: Bass, Guitars
Ben Brooke: Bass, Guitars
Julian Cesar: Drums, Synthesizers

Excellent UK private LP that easily breaks free of conventionalism. My best description would be dreamy british garage sounds with a 40-piece orchestra backing the proceedings. It almost sounds as if it were recorded in an auditorium using only a handful of microphones. The production is cavernous. Unique and totally original.

notes from sister of musician:
My brother in law Ben Brooke was a member of the band and now lives in the USA. This copy was given to his brother (my hubby) on it's release and has always been in his possession and played only a few times. We can also get at a later stage for the buyer more info from the original band members who still get together and who we know very well.
We are now wanting to sell to someone who has been searching for this rare vinyl to add to their collection. It will be better with them than sitting in a box in our study.  Press progressive album. Recorded by the band Alco at University of Surrey Mobile Studio in 1972. A-Side contains a wonderful progressive suite, including sections augumented with the Itchen Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Palmer. B-side is just Alco themselves who are Tim Caesar – keyboards and lead vocals, Paul Fidlin – bass / lead / vocals, Ben Brooke – lead / bass / vocals and Julian Caesar, drums, / synthesizer / vocals. There are some tracks by the Itchen College Barbershop Shoppers at the end.

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