Sunday, January 3, 2016

Alacran - 1969 - Alacran


01. Sticky   
02. Son (America, America)   
03. My Soul (Suddenly)   
04. San Francisco (California)   
05. Take A Look Around You, Baby   
06. Will You Keep My Love Forever

Bass, Lead Vocals – Ignacio Egaña
Drums, Percussion, Guitar – Fernando Arbex
Keyboards, Guitar – Oscar Lasprilla

Alacran is considered one of Spain's rarest albums alongside Maquina's "Why?". Alacran were a difficult one to classify. I'm not surprised, as it's recorded in 1969 it sounds very beat-psych akin to many Italian bands of the same time. Prog hadn't yet quite got to Iberia, whereas American West Coast sounds were still making big inroads. If you like the idea of the latter with a bit of European culture you may find it worthwhile. Short though at just over 25 minutes!

My biggest complaint about this fantastic record is that it is too short (26 min.)! Apparently, it was originally intended  only as a demo, and then released privately, though possibly not by the band. It was picked up by Epic Records for release in Brazil, making it slightly more accessible to collectors. The six cuts offered are all Latin flavored psych, with some wailing, effect treated guitar and sung in English. I personally think the singer has a lousy voice, but he does get the job done. Most of the material is quite hard, and is very reminiscent of a much cooler Santana. My pick would have to be "San Francisco", with "Sticky" and "Son" close seconds. With another 15 minutes of play time, this would be a monster in the collector's world.

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