Sunday, January 3, 2016

Akropolis - 1979 - Half A Million Hours Symphony

Half A Million Hours Symphony

01. Overture (2:57)
02. Movement (Birth) (5:50)
03. Movement (Puberty) (6:40)
04. Movement (Adult Age) (6:47)
05. Movement (Old Age) (8:56)
06. Movement (Death) (4:22)

- Jens Lund / vocals, guitars
- Jørn Bennedbæk / guitars
- James Templeton / keyboards
- Hans Johannsen / bass
- James Pearson / drums

This obsure Danish group is a great candidate for one of the most ridiculous covers in the history of music.Akropolis were born in mid-70's, reputedly led by keyboardist James Templeton, and ended their run in 1979 with the release of ''Half a million hours symphony'' (Circle Records), which featured also Jens Lund on vocals/guitar, Jørn Bennedbæk on guitar, Hans Johannsen on bass and James Pearson on keyboards.These bunch of Glam-Disco Rockers/nurds-alike, as shown on the front cover, actually played a pretty well-crafted and definitely progressive music.There is not a chance in a million for anyone to purchase this rare and very expensive album, pressed in 500 copies, of which only 300 are said to be saved, if no music samples had become available.So, the material is somekind of Sympho Rock with strong AOR/Pomp Rock vibes and more discreet Fusion/Hard Rock underlines, split in an opening overture and five quite long movements with rich instrumental work in a pompous enviroment and early Eloy/Message-like rhythmic patterns.The symphonic parts are much in the vein of Yes, though not quite as good, with some great, balanced keyboard work, acoustic breaks and even some interesting melodies.Vocal work is a bit over the top with a singer delivering a diverse performance.The history of the band came to an end, after Templeton formed a brand new musical act in 1980.

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