Sunday, January 3, 2016

AKA - 1970 - Do What You Like

Do What You Like

01. Do What You Like 03:45
02. Akhir Kisah Sedih 03:26
03. Panorama Pagi 03:33
04. Bukan Mesiu 03:30
05. Alam Tanah Air 02:34
06. Glenmore 05:27
07. Diakhir Bulan Lima 03:16
08. We've Gotta Work It Out 04:33
09. Keagungan Tuhan 04:24

AKA rock band (an abbreviation of Apotik Kali Asin, a pharmacy owned by the father of Ucok Harahap, where they were headquartered and exercise) was established in Surabaya on May 23, 1967 with the initial formation: Ucok Harahap (keyboard / vocal major), Syech Abidin (drums / vocals ), Soenata Cape Tanjung (main guitar / vocals), and Peter Wass (bass). Peter Wass replaced by Lexy Rumagit injured when grenades were prepared for the rock group stage action of Ogle Eyes in Lumajang suddenly exploded and wounded him. Since 1969, Lexy Rumagit Kaunang replaced by Arthur Kaunang. Noteworthy, all AKA bass players are left-handed.

The worst thing I have to say about it is it is quite inconsistent. On hand is a mix of mind blowing psych hard rock, psych flavored garage, and garage driven ballads, some sung in English, some in their native tongue. The ballads are their Achilles' heal and are ill suited to their style, seeming completely out of place on this record. I've never been able to figure out why bands who try, and succeed, at making a name for themselves with hard rock, try to prove to the world that they are equally adept at soft ballads, when they are clearly not! Such seems to be the case with AKA. But fortunately, they more than make up for it with the stuff they are good at. I have yet to turn up this beauty in either original form, or reissue. But you can bet I will be keeping my eyes open for this or any other of their releases!

Reissued for the first time! AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late 60s and early 70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. “Do what you like” is a colorful album with a diversity of moods. Of course you find hard driving, wild grooving rock with simmering guitars and pumping rhythms. Go to the next song and some gentle, nearly ethereal dreamy psyche pop will alter your mind. Another step ahead on the tracklist and some easy and melodic 60s beat makes you want to dance the night away. The special factor of this album is the musical flavor of Indonesian pop that all of the songs sung in their native tongue show, while the few English tracks can compete against all of the popular hits from those days from American or European acts. AKA know how to heat you up with their psychedelic sound explosions and eruptive beats. They also know how to calm you down again and lay your soul to rest in a flow of gentle harmonies. Fans of 60s power pop with a regional feel presented by bands such as OMEGA from Hungary and of the 60s US west coast psyche and pop scene will go crazy about this record.



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