Sunday, January 3, 2016

Air - 1973 - Teilweise Kacke... Aber Stereo

Teilweise Kacke... Aber Stereo

01. D-Zug
02. Kantate 140,4
03. Herzinfarkt
04. Blues 2
05. Alright, Ernie
06. a-g-E
07. Zopf

Michael Brod (organ, flute),
Peter Dettlaff (guitar),
Gerhard Fünfsinn (bass),
Georg Weber (drums)

The obscurity makes their sounds more weird for us. From the beginning ethnic drumming and crazy keyboard kicks impress us, despite of their bluesy psychedelia normally around there in early 70s. Chopping bass claims their snake-y heaviness into our brain, as their first Air Show. But yes, their Flight should be followed by the next stage, with more extreme dry fruity atmosphere.

"Kantate 140.4" is a classic one, drenched in desert flute complexity and fuzzy shoegaze bass sedimentation. Drumming is strict and relaxes us. Simple music aroma we can touch, but not only sweet but also bitter and spicy for our nose and ears. Really addictive one. On the contrary, "Blues 2" is a mixture of heavy rhythm-based bluesy bass shots and bubbled keyboard masses, seasoned with funky drum rollover.

Okay circumstance can get more complex, and closer to heavily-keyboard-based kosmische muzik. "Herzinfarkt" reminds me something experimental / jammy like Semool or Blumen, but not so loose like them. Occlusive occult Air should have altered their states of mind, but their rigidity upon playing could not be crazed at all I guess. The last "Zopf" is a dark-ambient-ish, achy breaky one, only with deep rhythm collective and freakout keyboard slime.

I wonder why they could launch such a mysterious, stagnant air, only by their simple formation with keyboard, bass, drums, and sometimes flute. Suppose their music air conformation should have got to be an instrumental commune. Yes, their creation should be not only primitive and fundamental, but rare and expensive, for the early 1970s, let me say. Please touch directly the basis of Krautrock.

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