Sunday, January 3, 2016

Aguaturbia - 1970 - Aguaturbia 2

Aguaturbia 2

01. I Wonder Who 2:58
02. Heartbreaker 4:33
03. Blues on the West Side 6:17
04. Waterfall 3:45
05. Well All Right 3:47
06. Jailhouse Rock 2:44
07. E.V.O.L. 8:45
08. Aguaturbia 2:25

Denise Corales (vocals)
Carlos Corales (guitar)
Willy Cavada (drums)
Ricardo Briones (bass)

At first listen, the female vocalist tends to give this band a somewhat misleading "light weight" sound, due mainly to her less than commanding voice. But make no mistake; they can, and do, rock out. Featuring great period flavor and occasional use of effects, the album is consistent, and overall very good. The lead guitarist and singer both travelled to San Francisco in the late 60's, and, wowed by the free spirit movement they observed, brought what they could of it back to their hometown of Santiago, Chile. Grades - 1 A-, 3 B+'s, 2 B's, and a B-. The standout for me is "E.V.O.L." (Love backwards, in case it's not obvious), while the surprisingly out of place "Aguaturbia" seems so bad it is worthy of an "F" grade! These guys are among the top psych bands from the southern hemisphere, and well worth investigating.

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