Sunday, January 3, 2016

Agnus - 1980 - Pinturas y Expresiones

Pinturas y Expresiones

01. XXI Century (10:43)
02. Paintings And Expressions (15:50)
03. Born The Day (11:45)
04. King's History (5:15)

- Archie Basílico / guitar, vocals
- Luis Sáez / guitar, vocals
- Ricardo Tersse / banjo, vocals
- Cecilia Glariá / flute
- Ricardo Bonetto / drums, vocals
- Enrique Schussler / violin
- Laura Fazzio / keyboards, flute, vocals
- Alejandra Bernie, Graciela Girotti, Marcela Canaus & Graciela Cassano / vocals

If we talk about Argentine '70s progressive rock, bands like CRUCIS, MIA or ESPIRITU come to mind. There aren't lots of people knowing AGNUS, an independent group that - after several years in music scene- recorded its only album, "Pinturas y Expresiones", in 1980.
AGNUS sound is evidently influenced by Italian progressive bands (PFM, APOTEOSI or MAXOPHONE could be very good references), adding lots of antique music and blues touches.

"Pinturas y Expresiones" is a mid-complex album, essentially instrumental, with excellent vocal games and chorus (male and female Spanish voices), great flute and guitar performances (the main instruments), nice violin and a solid rythmical basis. Songs titles were translated to English in the Rock Progressive Worlwide (Brasilian label) edition.

Music is plenty of variations along the album, blending pastoral soundscapes with intense (but never bombastic) progressive melodies, blues rythms and a medieval and sacred feeling. Highlights: The magnificent and very Italian "XXI Century" and the short "King's History", this one with a beautiful violin.

This only AGNUS stuff isn't so refined as MIA or so fantastic as CRUCIS' albums, but it's a really good South American artistic expression. Recommended.