Sunday, January 3, 2016

Agamenon - 1975 - Todos Rien De Mi

Todos Rien De Mi

01. Todos Ríen De Mí   
02. Al Salir El Sol   
03. Please Little Man   
04. Happy Marriage, Eleanor   
05. Send Me   
06. Blow Up The Candle (Apaga La Vela)   
07. Cuco Go Fly (Cuco Te Vas)   
08. Happy Tuesday   
09. Wooden Tears   
10. I Need Money   

Carlos García (bass, vocals)
Javier Moreno (guitar, vocals)
Arturo Terriza (drums, vocals)
Vicente Andújar (keyboards, vocals)
Dulce Ayala (vocals)
Carmen García (vocals)

Hippie group from Madrid, this is no doubt the most acid psychedelic rock album recorded in Spain in the 70's. It is their sole album, originally released in 1975 on the Explosion label and a very rare and collectible item. No one knew anything about the group members until now, it had been even rumored to be some Argentinian guys living in Spain...but no, the group was formed by 2 Spanish female and 4 male and the brain-head was Carlos Garcia, who sadly passed away not long ago and to whom this reissue is dedicated.10 tracks, 8 of them in English and 2 in Spanish, all originals and fantastic; there's lots of heavy acid fuzz guitar here, probably the wildest fuzz recorded in Spain ('Todos rien de mi', 'Send me' or 'I need money'), and also some great sunshine psych-pop ('Cuco go fly', 'Al salir el sol'), and it's all very well packed with some of the best multi-vocal harmonies you can find in a Spanish record ever. A truly fantastic album that we strongly recommend!!!

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