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A-Ω - 1976 - A Life

A Life

01. Alpha (6:11)
02. Easygoing Childhood (1:09)
03. The Crazy City (5:38)
04. The First Day At School (4:35)
05. The Tiny Difference (4:04)
06. King Michael (2:47)
07. One Thousand Arms (4:44)
08. The Woman (9:41)
09. I'm In Love With Life (3:12)
10. Happy Time (3:32)
11. The Breakdown (1:55)
12. And He Doesn't Know What The Preacher Says (3:44)
13. Awakening (3:33)
14. The Rich Man, Yet So Poor (3:56)
15. Temptation (2:18)
16. Guilt (3:34)
17. My Friend Death (0:50)
18. Omega (6:36)

Fredy Baumann - Vocals (Michael)
Fritz Beerstecher - Vocals
Priska Weidmann - Vocals (Corin)
Erica Laederach - Vocals
Pierre Laederach - Piano
J.C. Laederach - Flute, Vocals (Father)
Peter Ohno - Guitar, Vocals (Daniel)
Werner Homberger - Guitar
Jürg Gallo - Bass
Renaud Suter - Drums
Rene Liniger - Drums

A very interesting story around this Swiss ensemble, which inspired Cat Stevens, read on.Alpha to Omega originated from a choir of students near Zurich called Les Amis.Part of the collective, tired of this choir-type approach, decided to start working on a project of their own, these were Fredy Baumann, Fritz Beerstecher, Priska Weidmann and Erica Laederach on vocals, Pierre Laederach on piano, J.C. Laederach on flute/vocals, Peter Ohno on guitar/vocals, Werner Homberger on guitar, Jurg Gallo on bass and Renaud Suter-Rene Liniger on drums.Their work was a concept Rock Opera, a slow work in progress, which lasted for about five years.So members came and go and by the time of its release only Fredy Baumann had been left as a member.The album ''A life'' was a double vinyl, pressed in a limited number of copies, which got some airplay in a local station with fans wondering why it came out in such a limited number.

The story refers to a man, Michael, who, through the journey of life, realizes that birth and death are the only true facts in the life of a human, his shiny days come to an end, when his wife and childern die in an accident and he eventually faces depression.Musically the album is all over the place, it contains hints from Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Singer/Songwriter and Progressive Rock stylings, featuring some decent vocal parts as well as some good instrumental themes.Next to the typical bass/guitar/drums set-up we can find plenty of piano and flute parts as well as some sporadic sax lines for a deeper and more emphatic sound.Singing lines range from storytelling to even Gospel-like deliveries with female and male voices, propably the later being the most dull moments on this album, otherwise the music is quite good, depending on the piece and part of the story the listener will pass through romantic, happy, pesimistic and dramatic moods.Most of the album contains strong psychedelic touches with electric and acoustic passages changing places, steady and solid drumming and some back-up piano themes, but the depth of the instrumental parts is bigger.Some symphonic overtones in the flute-led parts, some nice bluesy soloing, elements of Orchestral Pop in certain moments as well as some diverse early PINK FLOYD touches in the process, when the band was exploring the fields of Psychedelic Music, Avant-Garde and Pop at the same time.Great emotional material in some extended instrumental cuts, featuring lovely guitar solos and the elegant sound of flute and piano, only to be interrupted by the choirs and the lead singing parts.

Despite its rarity, here comes the most interesting part of the story.The music of Alpha to Omega came to the attention of Cat Stevens' agent, who tried to buy the rights of the album, but the band never accepted the offer.Eventually this album was released in England in 1979 on United Artists as a Various Artists disc, including Cat Stevens, Elton John, Arthur Brown, David Essex and others, titled ''Alpha Omega: A musical revelation'', with the lyrics being slightly changed.

Alpha Omega: A musical revelation
Black Rills Records reissued the album in 1997 with a different cover, so old Rock fans would taste the efforts of this talented combo.Psych/Prog with elements of Rock Opera, pretty fascinating, with interesting melodies and a good concept behind, definitely recommended to say the least.


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