Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Train - 1977 - Coo-Coo Out

Coo-Coo Out

01. Solution   
02. There's A Dream   
03. Sputnik   
04. Permutation   
05. Laughter At Midnight   
06. Coo-Coo Out!   
07. Third Generation   
08. Arabesque

Bass, Double Bass – Michael Harmssen
Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Clarinet – Gert Lueken
Drums, Percussion – Ulli Neels
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Ronald Geißler
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Percussion – Siegmar Fetter

Little-known German Jazz Rock band, hailing from the city of Wachendorf and formed around 1971.Reputedly at one point they occupied former Gash drummer Reinhard Schiemann, but the quintet to take the act to the recordings of a proper release comprised of saxophonist/flutist Siegmar Fetter, keyboardist/clarinet handler Gert Lueken, guitarist Ronald Geissler, bassist Michael Harmssen and drummer Ulli Neels.Their debut, named ''Coo-Coo out'' and produced by the band members, was recorded at Tonstudio Josef Alterbaum and was pressed/released privately by the band in 1977.

Train's sound somewhat escapes this unique Kraut-colored Jazz Fusion style of the 70's with the band delivering music closer to semi-improvised Jazz Rock, fronted by the endless sax and flute leaks of Fetter in a typical, loose style, as expecterd by the chosen style, which is a bit lightweight for the most of the album's length, even introducing soft acoustic passages between the electric moments.They failed to deliver a more personal aura and often tended to copy Chick Corea's RETURN TO FOREVER during the fast or the ethereal electric piano parts, showing also some heavy influence by Funk at certain moments.Moreover some parts of the album are closer to Jazz than Rock with the standard bass lines and drumming of the style supporting the sax and piano solos.I guess the moments, when Geissler enters the scene with his guitar, are the most interesting ones as well, even if he never tries to dominate the scene, his plays are rather laid-back than fiery.The atmosphere is decent, containing both romantic and melancholic moods along with some joyful and tricky exercises, but the overall result is not fully convincing, unique or consistenly executed.

Apparently the band dissolved after the album was launched.Gert Lueken later played with the rockers Lone Wolf and Ethno-Fusion pioneers Tri Atma.

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