Monday, December 21, 2015

Progresiv TM - 1977 - Puterea muzicii

Progresiv TM 
Puterea Muzicii

01. Oameni si fapte
02. Legamînt
03. Optiune pentru pace
04. Puterea muzicii
05. Sete de padure
06. Pas candid catre realitate
07. Gînd curat

Harry Coradini - vocals
Liviu Tudan - bass, piano, vocals
Ladislau Herdina - guitar, vocals
Florin Ochescu - guitar
Ion Cristian - percussion, vocals

Second album of the band from 1977 - Puterea muzicii (The power of the music), released at our famous and only label from the '70's occupied with music bussines Electrecord (still very much alive these days), didn't manage to get any big response from progressive movement from my country. Same story about how communist broke any hope to make progressive music in Romania and that way they disbanded in 1978, living two album, historical btw in these parts but vaguely know outside the border. Again an excellent example of good, smooth and above usual this album is but little diffrent then the first. This time the band wanted and succeded to add a light atmosphere on the pieces, the orchestrations and the string arrangements are more towards the lighter side of prog, but keeping a good doze complexity in the repertoir. Even the album is very well played and again some very thoughtfull lyrics like on Legamint, the album falls to be more exciting then the first, maybe because the prog music was in decline in some parts of the world in late '70's a thing that was all the time in my country, but has some splendid and unforgetable moments of prog made in Romania. The skillfull musicians shows once again how great they were, the vocal harmonies are again top notch, the flute this time is left aside, no ore catchy moments who remind me of Delirium or Jethro Tull, this time the band sound more like Styx or Uriah Heep same period. Progressive elements comes from rhythmic and structural complexities, as well calmer moments where a piano may interlude with the guitars and giving a great atmosphere as a whole. So, another 4 stars, more like 3.5 but rounded up to 4 because of some pieces who I found tem essential in any seriuos progressive rock collection: Legamint, Oameni si fapte or Pas candid catre realitate. One of the best bands from Romania for sure with great contribution to progressive movement from these lands.

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