Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pink Floyd - 2015 - 1965 (Their First Recordings)

Pink Floyd 
1965 (Their First Recordings)

01. Lucy Leave
02. Double O Bo
03. Remember Me 
04. Walk With Me Sydney
05. Butterfly
06. I'm A King Bee 

Vocals, Guitar – Syd Barrett
Guitar – Rado Klose (Bob Klose)
Bass, Vocals – Roger Waters
Keyboards – Richard Wright
Drums – Nick Mason

Vocals on "Walk with Me Sydney" — Juliette Gale

Mastered for vinyl by Andy Jackson, Tube Mastering & Ray Staff, AIR Studios
2 X Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Mono

1965 - Their First Recordings -  is an EP of Pink Floyd music, containing songs recorded in 1965 by the band. It was released as a limited edition set of two 7" vinyl records to extend the copyright of the recordings. This is the only official release featuring guitarist Rado Klose and Juliette Gale, Richard Wright's first wife. This release consists of the earliest Pink Floyd recordings available commercially, with five original songs written by Syd Barrett and Roger Waters, and one Slim Harpo cover.
Simply wonderful. Charming. Rocking too. "Remember Me" is pure garage thrash. "Double O Bo" is a bit of a dud but the rest of it is going to change your life. I was a douchey sack of gaywad until I heard these tunes and now I'm out there kicking sand into the faces of wimps. My aim is true!



  2. Hey, I wrote that mini review! I stand by it. My aim is true after all.

    1. Your aim was perfect sire... best review I've read about this album...

  3. 44 MB,only?.It would be sound compresed and brickwalled

    1. It's about 20 minutes long... so please spare us your expert judgement until properly informed... lol