Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hiromasa Suzuki - 1973 - Rock Joint Cither ~ Kumikyoku Silk Road

Hiromasa Suzuki 
Rock Joint Cither ~ Kumikyoku Silk Road

01. Silk Road
02. 3000 BC
03. Karei Naru Bamyan
04. Eurasia No Yoake
05. O No Michi
06. Kamigami No Sakebi
07. Gandhara
08. Merv No Tsurugi

Hiromasa Suzuki - piano & electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba - bass
Hideo Sekine - drums
Yoko Uehara - sitar
Takeru Muraoka - tenor & soprano saxophone
Takehisa Suzuki - bugle
Tadataka Nakazawa - trombone
Yukio Eto - flute
Hiroshi Yoshinaga - oboe
Katsuyoshi Kurusawa - horn

Cither is a "lost in translation" situation and is really meant to be Sitar. Heavy jazz fusion with some killer fuzz bass. And sitars! Sitars everywhere. And unlike a lot of half-assed attempts at fusing sitars into jazz, this one actually works. It's REALLY damn good. Worth it for fans of On the Corner-era Miles, though it's not quite that weird.

Here is a fine progressive jazz album that follows on from it's sister release.....Hiromasa Suziki's "Rock Joint Biwa"......and again it's Hot Jazz Fusion but this time featuring Sitar and not Biwa. (The "Biwa" album was featured on Julian Cope's web-site....if that's any enticement to you?)

This has a hint or two of Frank Zappa's Waka-Jawaka era,or George Duke's best early work! Well worth the cash...