Friday, December 18, 2015

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - 1975 - Midnight Band - The First Minute Of A New Day

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
Midnight Band - The First Minute Of A New Day

01. Offering   
02. The Liberation Song (Red, Black And Green)   
03. Must Be Something   
04. Ain't No Such Thing As Superman   
05. Pardon Our Analysis (We Beg Your Pardon)   
06. Guerilla   
07. Winter In America   
08. Western Sunrise   
09. Alluswe

Gil Scott-Heron: vocals, producer, electric piano
Brian Jackson: piano, electric piano, vocals, flute, bells, producer
Danny Bowens: bass guitar
Bob Adams: drums
Victor Brown: vocals
Bilal Sunni Ali: flute, saxophone, harmonica
Barnett Williams: congas, percussion, shaker, cowbell, horn, bongos
Eddie Knowles:bells, shaker, congas, cowbell
Charlie Saunders: maracas, congas, cowbell, shaker, bongos

This is the most solid and consistent Gil Scott Heron album I've heard. It's also the easiest on the ears. Lord knows he ain't the most tunefull singer alive, but by this album he had gotten his proverbial shit together. But it was never about his singing anyway, it's about the message. And he had the good sense to nestle that message in some of the funkiest, jazziest soul ever put on tape. Is it jazz? Is it soul? Is it funk? Who the hell knows. Is it essential for an understanding of 70's black music? Hell yes.

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