Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Experience - 1971 - Experience


01. Gimme Some Lovin' 18:23
02. Louie Louie / Yes I Declare 7:03
03. Theme for an Unknown Island 7:38
04. Keep On Running 5:36
05. Kryptonite Party 8:45
06. I'm Alive 6:00
07. Snoopy Travel 5:32
08. Theme for an Unknown Island / Let's Be More Light 18:27

Alain Pewzner — guitar
Francois Jeanneau — saxophone
Bob Brault — bass
Sylvain Pauchard — organ, vocals
Rene Guerin — drums, percussion
Christopher Laird - vocals

French studio band made of members of Triangle and Martin Circus. Made to believe, at the time, that it was an UK or US band. Excellent music anyway for pop, prog and psych fans. I love this album... would love to know more on how it came to be.


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/36dtae40fs63/2714.rar

  2. If you took a UK "junk shop glam" band (highlighted in The Electric Asylum compilations) & combined it with an extended-jam Krautrock band featuring gifted flute & guitar soloists (maybe Out of Focus?) maybe you'd get something like this album. Steampunk cover art (!) as an added bonus. Great listening, and as you say, intriguing.

  3. This is the album of my life, always presente when camping. Been looking for years, never found it :(