Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ES - 1979 - Wham Bang

Wham Bang

01. A Mile High 4:45
02. Martinellis Bar 3:46
03. Dream 3:49
04. Tipsy Ellen 3:04
05. Wham Bang 4:55
06. Lady Plastic 5:28
07. Hey You 4:27
08. Earth and Space 5:57

Bernd Kiefer (bass, vocals)
Zabba Lindner (drums, xylophone, vocals)
George Kochbek (keyboards)
Carlo Karges (guitar)
Thomas Waßkönig (keyboards)

Now here's a strange bird. ES is made up of former members of Tomorrow's Gift and the Release Music Orchestra. On the surface, "Wham Bang" is a straight ahead pop rock / disco album. And after each track's cringe worthy vocal section finishes, one might expect a short instrumental followed by some more tawdry vocals. Except the instrumentals don't stop and ES begins to introduce a complex fusion sound, as one might find on an earlier RMO release. Every time I was about to write "Wham Bang" off as a cheap European knockoff, then wham! bang! I'd hear an impressive instrumental bit. Yes, I think the album may have been a conscious satire on the current music trends of the day.
I'm still looking for a copy of "Aladin". There is some debate as to whether the album even exists. The only mention of it is within the gatefold of the "Wham Bang" album. Anyone know? (after some research, I really don't think this album exists in original form


  1. http://filefactory.com/file/6pf3bk3k08md/2723.rar

  2. I was looking for this, thanks. George Kochbeck is great.