Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Codona - 1981 - Codona 2

Codona 2

01. Que Faser (7:07)
02. Godumaduma (Traditional African) (1:54)
03. Malinye (12:39)
04. Drip-Dry (6:59)
05. Walking on Eggs (3:00)
06. Again and Again, Again (7:32)

- Collin Walcott / percussion, sitar, tabla, voice, timpani, sanza
- Don Cherry / pocket trumpet, voice, melodica, dusongoni
- Naná Vasconcelos / percussion, voice, berimbau, African talking drum, caxixi, Cameroon pods, animal calls, jingle ring, quica, cymbal

Continuing where they left off on their debut album CO-llin Walcott, DO-n Cherry and NA-na Vasconcelos continue their experimental fusion of American jazz, various African styles, Brazilian and Indian influences but this time around they up the experimental ante a notch or two and require the listener to invest a few more listens in order to understand where they are coming from. Upon first listen I didn't like this as much as the debut. Whereas the debut CODONA album kind of had a logic to where they were coming from, this second album throws you for a loop. It's not that it's ridiculously lost in the clouds and creates a whole new musical experience, it's just that the melodies are more intricate and subtle and there are more liberties in the individual instruments creating separate and distinct roles which don't immediately sound pleasant and even ring a little dissonant at times. The band, in effect, are demanding that you evolve as they do in order to understand their progression.
There are all kinds of differences here. For one the band likes to expound on certain ideas. They present a theme and then kind of throw in an extended weirdness, or perhaps you would call it musical variation. On "Malinye" for example, a 12:39 progressive walk through fusion-land, there is an introductory cohesiveness to the song but it changes into a wild vocal frenzy that then turns into an African instrumental affair that incorporates many an ethnic flair to the mix. This is one of the major accomplishments of CODONA, which is the progressive fusion of hitherto unmixed styles of world music. Despite all my praise trying to elevate this album to such heights, I still like it a tad less than the debut, however it is very much recommended for fusion freaks who like a bit more bite and unexpected tumult to their music. This album can be quite exciting and surprising at moments but for an overall appreciation must be heard a few times. A particular sound that remains unique in the musical world as far as I know. I also really like how DO-n Cherry makes his trumpet sound like an elephant at times.


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  2. Thanks for sharing the 3 volumes of CODOMA. I knew your Blog the past few months. I really liked your posts and also the dedication to work. Thank you again. DZ