Wednesday, December 23, 2015

After Life - 1975 - Cauchemar

After Life

01. Cauchemar   
02. Really Love You   
03. Exit   
04. The Old Man   
05. Rolling Down   
06. Bible 1   
07. Try People Try   
08. (Le Secret De) La Viellle Dame   
09. Your Mother   
10. Posology   
11. Things Of The Life

Bass – Xavier Dubois
Drums – Jose Munoz
Guitar – Ralph Benatar
Harmonica – (Roddy) R. Julienne

Published in 1975 on Discophon (Spain).
Limited edition of 500 Copies.

After Life are one of those insane rarities, so obscure that it’s just now surfacing to the collector market. They were a French group whose only album gained a release in Spain. Turns out someone was digging through an old farmhouse in Aragon and found a stash under the hay, behind the pitchforks....or something. As for the music, it’s one of the most baffling releases I’ve heard in years. On the plus half, there’s a haunting progressive laced sound, with that doomy vibe only the French seem to conjure up. Recalls first album East of Eden or The Visitors, and the vocalist has that gruff voice which is very similar to the guy from Alusa Fallax. Most of these are sung, whispered, or narrated in French. The Visitors influence is not that surprising when one learns that the master of all things obscure is involved: J.P. Massiera. On the downside, and I mean really down, there’s these godawful rock-n-roll tracks, like Bad Company playing the most insipid Bachman Turner Overdrive tunes. Complete with honky-tonk piano, harmonica and badly accented English vocals. It’s not a good A-side, bad B-side situation, but rather they are intertwined for an entirely frustrating listen. Obtain a cheap copy, but don’t spend too much time digging for it – at a record show or in the barns of the Spanish landscape...



  2. Thank you very much, I dig those Massiera productions.