Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Fleeting Glance - 1970 - A Fleeting Glance

A Fleeting Glance
A Fleeting Glance

01. Theme Of The Beginning
02. Light My Fire
03. Rosetta
04. Fly To The Moon
05. Watch The Stars
06. Tiger Rag
07. Symphony Of Love / Finale

Chris Lownds — folk singer
Aquila Trad Band
Puckles Blend
Folk Group – Penny, Phil & Paul
Dave And John
John Hudson — producer

Not a bad little album to put on if you're up with a friend getting high, drinking and listening to music all night. It's for sure grown on me in just a few listens and it definitely plays well with Can and ISB records.

I like the found sounds, find the spoken/whispered poetry not completely terrible. The record is pretty in parts. The dixieland rags aren't outrageously out-of-place and kind of make sense in a Bonzo Dog Band sort of way sort of.

A couple of these sound like Can circa Ege Bamyasi or Future Days (Theme of the Beginning and the absolutely worth finding pronto Fly To The Moon). Most of the tracks begin and/or end with a street noise sound collage or other found sound/effects, which (such as in the case of the 11 minute closer) is sometimes longer than the "proper" song it's contained in. There's a lot of spoken word as well. They've got a male and female singer, the former of which affects an American accent for a couple of tracks

"Fly to the Moon" is the stand out and I've put it on a delivering pizzas in the car tape. It competently ends with the band mildly losing their shit and jamming Interstellar Overdrive.

Worth checking out if you're into this sort of thing. I wish more bands would take a chance on the low-key cinéma vérité/ headspace collage approach to records found on A Fleeting Glance.

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