Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Phil Yost - 1968 - Fog-Hat Ramble

Phil Yost 
1968 -
Fog-Hat Ramble

01. Orange Kite Waltz   
02. Fog-Hat Ramble   
03. Through The Abacus Backwards   
04. Across The Somersault Region   
05. Look For Me In Eastrod, Mary O   
06. The Day Those Free-Balloon Races Passed Over Candy-Warp Crossings   

Saxophone [Soprano], Flute, Guitar, Bass, Bells, Banjo – Phil Yost

All tracks Hodolog MusRecorded sound-on-sound

Known for occupying the fringe of the Takoma roster alongside Craig Leon and Charlie Nothing, multi-instrumentalist Phil Yost recorded two classic albums, Bent City & Fog-Hat Ramble, for the label before releasing his third, Touchwood's Dream, on his own. Using Soprano Sax, Flute, Bass, Guitar and Percussion, Yost creates a unique form of Psychedelic Folk-Jazz that reflects the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area he called home.


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  2. really great! does anyone in the world have a link for touchwood's dream?