Saturday, November 14, 2015

Panama Limited Jug Band - 1969 - Panama Limited Jug Band

Panama Limited Jug Band 
Panama Limited Jug Band

01. 38 Plug
02. Going to Germany
03. Canned Heat
04. Viola Lee
05. Alabamy Bound
06. Overseas Stomp
07. Round and Round
08. Cocaine Habit
09. Wildcat Squall
10. Don't You Ease Me In
11. Rich Girl
12. Sundown
13. Jailhouse
14. Guitar King
15. Railroad

Musician – Brian Strachan, Dennis Parker, Gary Compton, Liz Hanns, Ron Needs
Producer – Jonathan Peel

If you've ever seen Easy Rider, then imagine the scene at the commune where them hippies are singing about wearing your hair long or something. Then imagine giving them some kazoos, a jug and a mandolin. That's what this album would sound like. It's alternately annoying and fun and the same time, but over the course of the album it starts to outstay its welcome as nothing here really stands out. Well, nothing except Round and Round, which is actually really great - it's slower and more hypnotic and a tad more sinister than the rest. It was rightly released as a single but I can't imagine it ever bothered the charts. It deserved to though.



  2. One of the best albums that losers ever stole from my parents' record collection.