Friday, November 13, 2015

Ougenweide - 1979 - Liederbuch


01. Im Badehaus (3:09)
02. Pferdesegen (6:50)
03. Tobacco Lob (4:46)
04. Ouwe Wie Jämmerliche (4:17)
05. Der Blinde Und Der Lahme (6:21)
06. Merseburger Zaubersprüche Und Tanz (3:33)
07. Es Stount Ein Frouwe Allein (4:52)
08. Nieman Kan Mit Gerten (2:25)
09. Kommt Ihr Jungfern Helft Mir Klagen (5:05)
10. Enzio (2:12)
11. Totus Floreo (2:43)
12. Gerhard Atze (4:00)
13. Ronde (4:00)
14. Wol Mich Der Stunde (5:38)
15. Für Irene (3:26)
16. Hinweg, Die Besten Streiter Matt (3:15)
17. Bald Anders (6:32)
18. Zu Frankfurt, An Dem Main (2:49)
19. Denunziantenlied (2:13)

-Olaf Casalich/vocals,drums, percussion
-Minne Graw/vocals (all tracks but 7 & 8)
-Stefan Wulff/ bass, doublebass, harmonium, organ
-Frank Wulff/ flute, recorders, sitar
-Jügen Isenbart/ xylophon, percussion, glockenspiel
-Renee Kollmorgen/ vocals, percussion (7 & 8)
-Brigitte Blunck/vocals, percussion (7 & 8)
-Wolfgang Henko/ guitars
-Achim Reichel/ drums, flute, bass (7 & 8)
-Hanno Mahnke/ flutes (3,12 & 19)
-Max Wulff/ piano(3,12 & 19)

This compilation of material from 1973-1979 comes from a group that, for anglophiles, can best be described as the German Steeleye Span, with added flutes. This is more folk than prog, but it hardly matters when listening to textured haunting works like "Tobacco-Lob", "Der Blinde und der Lahme", and the brilliant "Bald Anders". The tracks are often based on very old melodies and at their best Ougenweide does them proud.
The arbitrary "best-of" does not fully intersect with the tastes of this folk-prog and German prog fan, and songs like "Im Badehaus" come across as too smarmy in style, although one might wonder if the lyrics bear that out. Other tracks are pleasant enough slightly psychedelic amalgams of male and female vox but nothing more, although the classic "Totus Floreo" is clearly much more, almost Ougenweide's Gaudete if you will, even if its only a capella for the first half minute or so.

Unique as far as I know among German bands for their merging of traditional northern European folk with prog elements, Ougenweide is well served by this compilation, which probably contains all you will need as a fan or completist.



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