Friday, November 13, 2015

Ougenweide - 1977 - Ungezwungen


01. Bald anders Ohrenschmaus 6:40
02. Wol mich der Stunde Eulenspiegel 6:50
03. Ouwe wie jaemerliche Ohrenschmaus 4:04
04. Der Rivale All die Weil ich mag 6:09
05. Ougenweide Ougenweide 11:46
06. Der Schlemihl Ohrenschmaus 3:37
07. Ihr Herren wollt ihr schweigen still Frÿheit 3:31
08. Swa gouter hande wurzen sint Ougenweide 6:37
09. Wintertanz All die Weil ich mag 3:13
10. Till und die Gelehrten Eulenspiegel 4:55
11. Ronde (erstveröffentlicht) 3:38
12. Der Fuchs Ougenweide 6:29

Bass – Stefan Wulff
Congas – Michael Schrader
Flute – Frank Wulff
Guitar – Frank Wulff, Wolfgang Von Henko
Instruments [Historical Instruments, Special Efects] – Frank Wulff
Keyboards – Minne Graw
Percussion – Olaf Casalich
Vibraphone – Jürgen Isenbart
Vocals – Minne Graw, Olaf Casalich
Xylophone – Jürgen Isenbart

Double live album, released after their first four studio albums, is an excellent introduction to Ougenweide's early career, as it delves in fairly equal proportion between them, substantially extending the three songs from their debut, slightly lingering on the second album's tracks, doing the same for Ohrenschmaus, while surprisingly not over-exposing their then-latest Eulenspiegel album. Two tracks were back then not yet familiar to the fans, the first finding its way onto the next Frÿheit album, while the second remained undone in the studio, but it's just a jig. The gatefold artwork showed the group in humorous mood, pretending to have gotten beaten up for playing their music and displaying their bruised portraits in the gallery.
Of major interest to fans, is that Ougenweide manages to sound the same live than in the studio, while being "rockier" as well. Some of the added lengths in the original tracks is often due to solos or duo, such as the 11-mins+ eponymous track, with percussion solo and duo, amongst others. Other tracks take on a new dimension like the highlight Swag outer Hand. Another crowd favourite Der Fuchs (the foxes) closes the album in a grand fashion in all of its 9-minutes glory.

This double live album received also the Bear Family record label reissue (into a single disc) and now boasts a lightly modified artwork to fit the reissue series with Ougenweide's new logo, and one might find the 67 mins duration a little short, both for a double live vinyl and a single live disc. It's too bad Ougenweide did not look in their drawers to give us a few bonus tracks.. I'm sure it would've been possible and positive it would've been appreciated.

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