Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ojas - 1978 - Seven Levels Of Man

Seven Levels Of Man

01. Seven Levels of Man
02. Song of the Mother

Written-by, Producer, Arranged By, Engineer, Performer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Harp, Acoustic Guitar [Six And Twelve String], Mandolin, Wind Chimes, Gong, Cymbal, Synthesizer [Arp, Moog, Oberheim, Roland String], Voice – Steve McLinn

OJAS - "Seven Levels of Man" LP, on their own private label, from 1978. Super rare cosmic electronic progressive album. Instruments used are, harp, guitars, mandolin, wind chimes, gong, cymbals, arp, moog, synthesizers, digital sequencer, and voice. Each side is one long track.

I feared it's going to be an early New Age release - not at all, as it's basically a pretty neat old-school electronic record with a nice flow and some intelligent synthesizer bubbles and squeaks. The acoustic instrumentation is used in a pretty inventive way too. There's probably not too much depth to be found here, but for fans of analog electronics it's still a pretty safe bet.



  2. Beautiful and beyond comparison. Thanks very much for this pleasant surprise