Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Offenbach - 1976 - Never Too Tender

Never Too Tender

01. Never too tender
02. Running away
03. Balls and rods
04. Edgar
05. Love invain
06. Sad song
07. Every day I get the blues
08. High down

-Gerry Boulet / keyboard, vocals
-Jean Gravel / guitars
-Michel Lamothe / bass
-Roger Belval / drums

The fourth studio album of the Canadian band OFFENBACH "Never To Tender", is a work much closer of the hard/blues?psych in the style of bands of the beginning of the seventies as for instance ALMANN BROTHERS etc... than properly progressive . To illustrate what say, I can begin for the track 1 "Never to Tender" that reminded me a lot some passages of the American band GOODTHUNDER or still the track 8 "High Down" that sent me to the characteristic hard/blues in JOHNNY WINTER or even FOGHAT style . Actually the only track that really approaches to the heavy-prog in URIAH HEEP'S line, is the track 4 "Edgar" with approximately 2 min hammond-organ introduction and a guitar solo that has as "backdrop" a "nervous" bass/drums section and the mellotron attendance making the choir sound.

"Never too tender". What a riff! A track I can play continuously the whole day (like, for example, "Don't dilute the water", by Budgie. My brain has stored these two tracks in the same cluster. Strange, isn't it ?