Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Morton Subotnick - 1981 - Axolotl / The Wild Beasts

Morton Subotnick
Axolotl / The Wild Beasts

01. Axolotl
02. The Wild Beasts

Piano – Virko Baley
Trombone – Miles Anderson
Cello – Joel Krosnick

Side A: Recorded May 1981 at Columbia Recording Studio "B", New York
Side B: Recorded March, 1981 at Evergreen Studios, Burbank (California, USA).

Axolotl (composed 1981) commissioned and premiered by Joel Krosnick at the Library of Congress (Washington, USA), February 13, 1981.
The Wild Beasts (composed 1978) commissioned by Miles Anderson. Premiered by Miles Anderson & Virko Baley at the Contemporary Music Festival, Valencia (California, USA), March, 1978.

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