Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Morton Subotnick - 1974 - 4 Butterflies

Morton Subotnick
4 Butterflies

01. Butterfly No. 1    7:47
02. Interlude    1:23
03. Butterfly No. 2    9:32
04. Butterfly No. 3    7:23
05. Interlude    1:40
06. Butterfly No. 4    7:07

Written-By, Performer, Synthesizer [The Electric Music Box], Liner Notes – Morton Subotnick
Created by Morton Subotnick on the Electric Music Box

The way Subotnick and others operating in the very same niche ‘related’ to that heritage, turned their music into a special blend of electronic music. Whereby, the complexity of atonal rationalities, rather than central, worked as a coaxial influence, which was pragmatically acknowledge, but with which Subotnick would not conceptually clinch. It was a welcomed ‘visitor’, who would be invited in, eat and drink but with whom, bizarrely enough, one would neither engage in conversation nor lock eyes with.

One the conspicuous outcome of such an attitude was an atonal coated naïveté that makes Morton’s electro-butterflies exceedingly cute, and the patterns of their erratic sonic flights mostly charming. What the butterflies as compositions lack in insight -- which could definitely have been reinvigorated had Subotnik engaged in explicit dialogue with atonality – they excel in aural lightness and candid inconsistencies that only increase their soothing, colourful (not to be confounded with chromatic) spell.

Last but not least, and never in detriment to Subotnick’s “Silver Apples of the Moon”, of which I am a fan, I do consider the latter a prelude to “4 Butterflies”. Then again, let them electric insects dream about and feast on old lunar apples. Meanwhile we enjoy the noise they make while daydreaming…



  2. This looks interesting, would there be any chance of a lossless version?