Sunday, November 22, 2015

Miroslav Vitous - 1976 - Magical Shepherd

Miroslav Vitous
Magical Shepherd

01. Basic Laws 11:46
02. New York City 9:32
03. Synthesizers Dance 5:09
04. Magical Shepherd 6:09
05. From Far Away 2:30
06. Aim Your Eye 6:57

Bass, Guitar - Miroslav Vitous
Drums - Jack DeJohnette , James Gadson
Keyboards - Herbie Hancock
Percussion - Airto Moreira
Vocals - Cheryl Grainger

Music there is great but far from what prog fans would like to hear under " jazz rock" tag. Only a real progressive fusion fans can easily imagine this album's content when I will say that year is 1976 and Vitous collaborators on this album are Herbie Hancock, Airto Moreira and Jack DeJohnette (between others).
Nearest shot is Headhunters, and Hacock's keys sound very similar there. Vitous plays guitar beside of bass there, but his main contribution is groove deep dark funky bass line. All music is quite similar to Headhunters sound of similar time, but even if Hancock's keys sound is easily recognisable, main accent is done on rhythm section there.

It's interesting, that even playing similar pure jazz-funk, because of specific rhythm section album often has almost zeuhl groove. Many songs have vocals, something between funky/pre- disco ones, but even voices are more jazzy, than soul-like.

In all, distilled product of early progressive jazz-funk era, this release really is a strong one and should be placed between best Hancock solo releases of same genre. Not recommendable for fans with allergy to funk vibes though.

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