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Lenny White - 1978 - Streamline

Lenny White 

01. Struttin'
02. Lady Madonna
03. 12 Bars From Mars
04. Earthlings
05. Spazmo Strikes Again
06. Time
07. Pooh Bear
08. Lockie's Inspiration
09. I'll See You Soon
10. Night Games
11. Cosmic Indigo

Lenny White (Drums, Percussion)
Marcus Miller (Bass)
Don "Captain Keyboards" Blackman (Vocals, Keyboards)
Nick Moroch, Jamie Glazer (Guitar)
Denzil "Broadway" Miller (Keyboards)
Chaka Khan (Lead Vocals on "Lady Madonna")
Diane Reeves (Background Vocals)
Larry Dunn (Programming)

Band that belongs. Or, it works to participate in other musicians' works. The item of Jazz/Fusion that was the main current might have had all the researches and the discussions as people's opinions in the especially 70's. It is a well-known fact that musicians to whom "Bitches Brew" of Miles Davis announced for the fan of Jazz/Fusion in 1969 was actually active in the surrounding also had the influence.
Various elements are gradually absorbed and musicians begin to establish an original route to Jazz in the especially 70's. Of course, the establishment of own music character might been improved as one drum player who is related to the production of "Bitches Brew" also of Lenny White. In it, the result of pursuing the establishment of the directionality at which each musician should aim in the flow of Jazz/Fusion that derives gradually in the 70's and extends and the self concentrating and having been collected at the time of the 70's are also true. Musicians who surrounded the situation in addition to the part of the music character and the technology might have been indeed exactly inclining zeal to the creation and the exchange.

Lenny White appeared in New York on December 19, 1949. He had taken an active part working with Jackie McLean at the time of the latter half of the 60's. And, it participates in the recording of "Bitches Brew" that Miles Davis announced in 1969 of the above-mentioned. And, the participation of "Return To Forever" might have become establishment of one music character for Lenny White in the item of Jazz/Fusion that represented the 70 year.

Some bands and groups that exist for item of Jazz/Fusion. The action of the music that has been especially caused in the band and the group and the route and directionality besides the chemical reaction often appear to the Solo album of the musician who is related to the flow. Of course, the element was not to have limited it to Jazz/Fusion. However, the flow and the exchange that especially surrounded Jazz/Fusion might have been indeed active.

Lenny White announced the Solo album with the shape that ran side by side with the activity of Return To Forever. The music character to listen by "Presents The Adventures Of The Astral Pirates" that had been announced as a result in 1978 was a part where the idea and the technology that cultivated it on business of Return To Forever were followed. And, this album produced at the same time might be a work with which the area of width of the music of Lenny White, the age, and the expression method are exactly blocked.

The point that should make a special mention as an impression of this album might be a point to have appointed Larry Dunn to Producer. Larry Dunn is known well on business of EWF. Jamie Glazer that joins Jean-Luc Ponty after this album also contributes well for the tune. Or, it is a sense of existence of active Marcus Miller as the musician of belonging exclusively of GRP. Or, the point to have appointed Diane Reeves that was still unnamed at that time. As for these exchange and appointment, I can feel a good flow and the sensibility to make music an embodiment. Because Larry Dunn does the work of production, the part of a few POP and Funk might be being united as an overall impression by Jazz/Fusion. This album with the content to take the age there well has the original directionality that exactly mixed well while following the music character of Return To Forever the technology and the taste of Lenny White and was expressed.

"Struttin'" makes Groove that Bass, the guitar, and the rhythm are complete. The melody of the guitar has gone out ahead. The obbligati with the transparent feeling that the keyboard makes exactly catches the age. The flow of complete Groove might keep the atmosphere of good Fusion. The progress of Chord with the tension and making the sound have originality.

"Lady Madonna" takes strong Groove to original music and advances. The song of Chaka Khan produces good atmosphere and the technology having it. The arrangement also has boldly taken the atmosphere of Groove and Fusion.

"12 Bars From Mars" shifts from the part of the voice processed by the effect to the part of intense Jazz Rock. Ensemble by the musician might be splendid. The idea of a technical composition in respect might follow peel Return To Forever. Their originality ..extending Jazz Rock.. has finished in complex development however.

"Earthlings" is Jazz Rock/Fusion that produces a good, transparent feeling. The song and the chorus twine well for Groove and are expressed. The part of a few POP and Funk will twine because the color of Larry Dunn has gone out as a result, too. It is atmosphere to which EWF took Fusion further.

"Spazmo Strikes Again" might make the element that connects the album act on the part of easing. The tune that doesn't come up at one minute starts at once and leaves at once. It might be a part of complete Hard Rock.

The line of Bass is taken an active part to "Time". The obbligati and the melody of the keyboard in close relation to Groove contribute well. Part and chorus of song that adds transparent feeling to part of Funk. There might be an element of POP/Fusion. Part of EWF that joined it a little. The idea might be good.

As for "Pooh Bear", the sound of the keyboard runs about the space. The chorus in close relation to cutting of the guitar is reminiscent of EWF. Sound of keyboard with diversity. Part where sound of decoration twined. Development with tension and processing of sound of percussion instrument. Atmosphere continues. The flow is consistent though the tune takes a few changes.

"Lockie's Inspiration" might make the part of the connection of the album act. Coming in succession of the melody of the piano and the keyboard with a clear transparent feeling has good atmosphere.

"I'll See You Soon" starts by the Chord progress that complete Fusion is good. It shifts from the part of Solo of Bass to a transparent feeling of the keyboard and the part of the anacatesthesia. Good Fusion is produced and there might be a part where atmosphere of a few EWF and initial Chic are reminiscent, too. The part where the guitar twines constructs the flow of good Fusion. The repeated theme produces the transparent feeling that you may continue.

As for "Night Games", the feature Chord and the dash feeling of complete Fusion. Melody with unison of Bass and guitar and tensions progressed one after another. Space that keyboard produces. The dash feeling continues. The tune shifts from Solo of the keyboard to the part of the guitar. The speed that each musician makes in union completely receives the top. The tune shifts to the rhythm of the shuffle in the last part.

"Cosmic Indigo" means the end of the album and the part of the connection. Standard Jazz that maintains a complete speed is developed.

The idea of various music is exactly blocked in this album with the part of the song. The content of the Solo album that had been announced for Lenny White in the 70's had the power to go from Return To Forever to "29" of own band.

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