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Jazz Q Praha + Modrý Efekt - 1970 - Coniunctio

Jazz Q Praha + Modrý Efekt 

01. Coniunctio I (19:15)
02. Návsteva u tety Markéty, vypití šálku caje / A visit to aunty Margaret for a cup of tea (6:00)
03. Asi pujdem se psem ven / Perhaps we'll probably take the dog out (7:15)
04. Coniunctio II (7:15)

Blue Effect / Modrý Efekt
- Vlado Cech / drums
- Radim Hladík / guitar, file, siren
- Jirí Kozel / bass, bells

+ Jazz Q Praha.
- Martin Kratochvil / piano, organ, trumpet-bassoon
- Jirí Pellant / bass
- Jirí Stivín / flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, chain, siren, pristofon, wood blocks, Hawaiian guitar
- Milan Vitoch / drums, harness bells

JAZZ Q was formed in 1964 by Martin Kratochvil (piano) and Jiri Stivin (woodwinds). In their early years, they were inspired by the late 50s free jazz happening in America. By the late 60s though, after becoming familiar with the English rock scene, Kratochvil decided to go in a more electric and groove-based direction. Jiri Stivin wasn't keen on playing this style and left shortly after recording their debut LP from 1970 "Coniunctio", which was a collaboration with a severed line-up of Blue Effect, and stylistically was a mish-mash of rock, fusion and free jazz. Kratochvil completely revamped the line-up with guitarist Lubos Andrst (Framus 5, Energit), bassist Vladimir Pudranek (Energit, ETC) and drummer Michal Vrbovec. In this line-up they recorded what may be their best known album "Watchtower". Frantisek Francl replaced Andrst and the band also worked with the English singer Joan Duggan on their next LP, "Symbiosis" from 1974.

Amongst the scores of sound-alike jazz-rock bands present at the time, JAZZ Q really found their own voice, although it could be argued that later stuff was more stylistically definable. JAZZ Q was also one of the few long-lasting Czech fusion bands, being active from 1964 till 1984. In 2004 they have regrouped in a classic lineup, although Francl is substituted by Zdenek Fiser, another jazz-rock veteran from the IMPULS fame.
antastic early jazz-rock album, combining two greatest Czech bands - Blue Effect and Jazz Q Praha. Second and last studio release still released by Blue Effect under such English name ( later under Socialist Czech government pressure they changed name for Modry Effekt, or just M Effekt).

Just four compositions, but what a bright, fresh and energetic free-jazz chaos they play there! Blue Effect, being a power trio with blues-rock roots, brings heavy electric guitar (by excellent guitarist Radim Hladik) and very energetic rock-jamming atmosphere. Jazz Q Praha is jazz quartet at his very early step mixing free jazz improvisation with jazz-rock knocking on the door ( the year is 1970). Their participation gave excellent flute, organ, acoustic piano and very free atmosphere as great addition to Blue Effect's power trio better structurized sound. (By the way, Jazz Q Praha flautist Jirí Stivín will participate on later Blue Effect albums).

Unique combination of two great components - free-jazz quartet and blues-rock based jamming power trio, both on their very early steps to fresh-born jazz fusion - gave very informal musicianship and have some pros against both band's later, more matured albums.

Absolute must have recordings for everyone interested in Eastern European jazz fusion roots. Originally released as LP in Czechoslovakia only, now it is available as Sony CD re-release.

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