Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jazz Q Praha - 1973 - Pozorovatelna

Jazz Q Praha

01. Pori 72
02. Pozorovatelna
03. Trifid
04. Klobasove hody
05. Kartago
06. Walter L.*
07. Pozorovatelna II*
08. Kartago II * (Lubos Andrst)
09. Percenta pro hnizdovku*
(* - bonus tracks)

- Martin Kratochvíl / organ, piano
- Lubos Andrst / guitar
- Vladimír Padrunek / bass
- Michal Vrbovec / drums

guest musicians:
- Joan Duggan / vocals (3)
- Rudolf Chalupský / violin (5)

 Pozorovatelna is first Czech jazz fusion band's Jazz Q Praha full studio release. But still in 1970 they participated as band-collaborator on another great Czech fusion band Blue Effect studio release Coniunctio. Three years is gone, and the difference in their music is very big.

If there, on their first ever work in studio, Jazz Q Praha bring huge doze of free-jazz into common sound ( and Blue Effect with excellent guitarist Radim Hladik were mostly responsible for blues/jazz-rock part of common sound), there, on their real debut, Jazz Q is much more comfortable jazz-fusion band, with very jazz-rock guitar solos, compositions with strong structure and quite pleasant, almost polished sound.

It's difficult for me to say now, what was the reason of such changes, but in fact Jazz Q missed some their experimental rebellion, without officering something adequately impressive.

They play very competent jazz fusion there, with good guitar line ( according to moment's fashion), and it will be not correct at all to say they are boring or non-professional. In fact, they play good fusion, but play it ... safe. Even with some jazzy r'n'b female vocals.

Still good album for classic guitar fusion lovers.

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