Monday, November 30, 2015

Hammak - 1971 - LIve!


01 When You Dance I Can Really Love
02 Theme For An Imaginary Western
03 Don't Let It Bring You Down
04 Empty Pages
05 Fire And Rain
06 Jam (Keith Lentin/ Mike Faure/ Midge Pike/ Anton Fig)

Recorded live at the Cape Town City Hall 16th June 1970 or 1971

Henry Barenblatt: keyboards
Anton Fig: drums
Mike Faure: sax
Midge Pike: bass
André de Villiers: guitar, vocals
Keith Lentin: guitar

Mandy Cohen: vocals
(also known as Amanda Cohen and Amanda Blue Leigh)
Nicholas Pike: flute

1971, Cameo, CAM 1039 (Only 500 Copies Pressed)

This was South Africa's first 'super-group'. the original mixing wasn't great (Graham Beggs attempted to remedy some of it) but this gives one an idea of what was going down in Cape Town in '70.
One of our regulars requested it, so here it is... Anton Fig before he became drummer of the stas!


  1. Keith Lentin/ Mike Faure/ Midge Pike/ Anton Fig)


  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks for this one! Very rare indeed! Very clever of them to pick such good songs to cover! even the "jam" is quite interesting! But, it sounds like this LP is running quite slow--the album length running time ;-)! is long enough without the speed issues probably caused from such an old, short-run-produced LP on probably inferior SA vinyl.
    If you have Audacity, increase the speed/pitch by +3.8% for a much better listen! Thanks again Drago for your great blog and all the great music rarities!! --dandor