Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gotic - 1978 - Escenes



01. Escenes de La Terra en Festa I de La Mar en Calma (4:02)
02. Imprompt I (5:53)
03. Jocs d' Ocells (3:33)
04. La Revolucio (4:08)
05. Danca d'Estiu (3:30)
06. I Tu Que Ho Veies Tot Tan Facil (5:39)
07. Historia d' una Gota d' Aigua (10:14)

- Rafael Escoté / bass, gong, claps
- Jordi Martí / drums, percussion, claps
- Jep Nuix / flute, piccolo, claps
- Jordi Vilaprinyó / keyboards, synthesizers

- Jordi Codina / classical guitar (7)
- Josep Albert Cubero / acoustic & electric guitars (2, 6, 7)
- Jordi Vidal / effects

The first thing I expected when I heard the name GOTIC mixed with Spain was a dark form of Flamenco, probably oriented towards the late Medieval period mixed with Spanish Inquisition, but it was just the opposite, GOTIC is light, optimistic and high quality music that gently combines the warm and relaxing sound of CAMEL with early PFM and roots in Spanish ethnic sounds from Cataluña, a great exponent of Spanish Symphonic.

The band was formed in the late 70's by the famous Rafael Escote in the bass, Jep Nuix (Flute and Piccolo), Jordi Vilaprinyo (Keyboards) and Jordi Marti in the drums and percussion.

As I said before the main influences of their only album Escenes released in 1978 are Camel and PFM, but there are some other easy to identify Prog references to Gentle Giant and some form of Fusion that reminds me of the Jazz-Symphonic sound of Chick Corea's keyboard in his RETURN TO FOREVER era.

The best track of the album is the 10:15 minutes Epic "Historia d'una Gota d'Aigua" (History of a Drop of Water) with the dramatic change between the relaxing introp and the breathtaking closing section.

Sadly they didn't had the chance to evolve because the debut album was more than promissory but as a consolation Rafael Escote has a very prolific career as member of the Fusion band Pegasus and as a soloist.


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  2. "Gotic" is one of the most famous old areas of the city of Barcelona, nothing to do with Gothic reminiscenses.
    These people were from Catalunya, anyway, whose capital is Barcelona.

    1. I didnt know of a country called Catalunya. It just part of Spain isnt it? For a city to br=e a capital it needs a state to be capital of... and what does Gotic mean in the local dialect if not Gothic...

  3. i first heard this record when i was 19yrs old about 25 years ago and i fell in love with it ever since i still play the vinyl once or twice a week for the last 25 years. BEAUTIFUL.