Monday, November 9, 2015

David Stoughton - 1968 - Transformer

David Stoughton 

01. The Sun Comes Up Each Day
02. The Summer Had No Breeze
03. The Anecdote of Horatio & Julie
04. Saving for a Rainy Day
05. Evening Song
06. I Don't Know If It's You

David Stoughton - vocals, guitar
Devi Klate - vocals
Mal Mackenzie - bass
Peter Chapman - horns
Joe Livols - drums
John Nicholls - vocals
Steve Tanzer - flute, piccolo

A Harvard mathematician, Stoughton played the Boston folk circuit in the early 1960s before coming under the spell of John Cage’s musique concrète. While certain songs – “The Sun Comes Up Each Day”, say – are musically reminiscent of Tim Buckley at his most extreme, Transformer also contained experimental sound collages.

Probably the weirdest of all Elektra albums. The album cover says “produced and created by David Stoughton,” which explains it all, because this sounds more like performance art than music, as some off-Broadway wannabes sing bizarre lyrics over a soundtrack-type backing that includes synthesizer experimentation. This is not a rock or folk album, as most people will tell you, but an experimental music record.

This is so deliriously good I'm still giggling like a schoolboy about it even after a month or two with this lost masterpiece in my life... So I can't say anything really deep right now, just a quick WOW

Never reissued, possibly never will be (released by Elektra + weird music = no hope), probably will be just spread around on the internet and become legendary... at least if I have my way!  Fair enough, as I'm sure giving this man the credit he deserves is more important than selling a typical 1000-run reissue or whatever...  I got this on CDR from a friend's personal vinyl transfer...

Some quick hints: three singers, male and female, on different tracks, some Tim Buckley (aka God) feeling in both vocals and music... female vocalist with an early and light Curved Air (Sonja what'shername) feeling... some mind-blowing spoken word and tape experimentation (maybe the coolest stuff aside from VU's "Murder Mystery", but nothing touches that of course...)

Yes, all this on the same album!!!!

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