Saturday, November 21, 2015

David Sancious - 1981 - On the Bridge

David Sancious 
On the Bridge

01. What If? (2:33)
02. Sunday (4:04)
03. Silent Scenes (3:04)
04. Invisible Dance (3:34)
05. Sleight Of Hand (4:05)
06. The Eyes Have It (6:23)
07. Morning (5:33)
08. Flight of Light (3:10)
09. The Bridge (16:20)

- David Sancious / piano

I just recently acquired this extremely rare album from a used record store for a buck twenty five. Sixty-seventy percent of the cuts are solo piano improvisations that simply soothe the soul. The remainder are proggy synth laden tracks in the same vein as Tangerine Dream. All the pieces are awesome but the highlight is the 16 minute title track which is a soaring spacy prog piece that one can't help but get totally lost in. The man is a genius.

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