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David Sancious - 1977 - Dance of the Age of Enlightenment

David Sancious 
Dance of the Age of Enlightenment 

01. Overture - Wake Up (To A Brand New World) (4:43)
02. 1st Movement (Dance of The Glory and Playfulness) (12:06)
03. 2nd Movement (Dance of Purification) (5:19)
04. The Dawn (4:16)
05. 3rd Movement (Part I & II) (4:12)
06. 4th Movement (Dance of Serenity and Strength) (4:30)
07. Gone Is The Veil of Illusion (Part I) (5:29)
08. Dance of Gratitude and Devotion (Part II) (2:05)

- David L. Sancious / keyboards, guitars, vocal
- Gerald J. Carboy / bass guitar, vocal
- Ernest Boom Carter / drums
- Alex Ligertwood / vocal
- Patti Scialfa / vocal
- Gail Boggs / vocal
- Brenda Madison / vocal
- Gayle Moran / vocal
- Chris Mckevitt / synth

This album was supposed to be released in 1977 but because of a dispute between Sancious' old label Epic and his new one Arista over ownership rights, it wasn't released until 2004 ! This album continues pretty much in the same path as the previous one but we do get vocals on a couple of tracks. Those two vocal tracks if anything lower my opinion of it.
"Overture" features vocals that come in quickly including some cringe worthy backing vocals.This is really wimpy except for the bass. "1st Movement" opens with vocal melodies followed by drums and organ a minute in. A calm with vocal melodies return then it kicks in once more before we get a steady rhythm with lots of keyboards 3 1/2 minutes in. The tempo shifts often after 6 1/2 minutes. The best part of the song is 11 minutes in.

"2nd Movement" opens with atmosphere before an orchestral-like soundscape takes over. A calm follows then it kicks back in quickly. Best parts are after 2 and 4 minutes. "The Dawn" is laid back with a beat and keyboards leading the way. "3rd Movement" opens with a flury of keyboards and drums then it settles as contrasts continue. "4th Movement" is led by piano throughout. "Finale Part I" has a Middle Eastern vibe with vocals. "Finale Part II" is my favourite tune as it's filled with atmosphere only.

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