Monday, November 9, 2015

Bob Bell - 1978 - Necropolis

Bob Bell 

01. Necropolis 1
02. Necropolis 2
03. Necropolis 3
04. Necropolis 4
05. Necropolis 5
All music composed and improvised by the musicians.
Recorded live on August 2 and 10, 1978 at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.
released October 1, 1978

Produced by Bob Bell and Brian Lord

Bob Bell-guitar, alto sax
Paul Plimley-piano
Lyle Ellis-double bass

A rare private pressing, usually described as acid-jazz/psych, by a musician from British Columbia. From what I have read he still regularly gigs in B.C. and has recorded further material.
From British Columbia... Bob Well, obscure album from 1978, This Canadian private press (a mint copy will set you back around 200 usd) mega-rarity/obscurity from the artistically schizophrenic Bell splits the difference between his love of basement psych splatter/pummel and squalling free jazz ramble, the former occupying side A with a stunning four part suite of wasted guitar scuzz and churning Krautrock-like drama with an akin to both German Oak and Spacebox, the latter covering side B with some rather middling squeak/bonk... luv it!

You can buy a digital losless copy from Bob Well for 5 CAD at Bandcamp site... for that little bit of money.... you can not pass it!