Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Azar Lawrence - 1975 - Summer Solstice

Azar Lawrence 
Summer Solstice

01. From the Point of Love 7:58
02. Novo Ano 6:42
03. From the Point of Light 6:55
04. Summer Solstice 9:30
05. Highway 9:48

Azar Lawrence: saxophone
Raul de Souza: trombone
Albert Dailey: piano
Ron Carter: bass
Billy Hart: drums
Gerald Hayes: flute
Amaury Tristao acoustic guitar
Dom Salvador: piano
Guilherme Franco: drums, percussion

Another awesome album from this sax virtuoso. Not quite as spacy as "Bridge into the New Age" but adventurous nonetheless. This is more akin to the stuff he did with McCoy Tyner on "Atlantis" and some of the tracks on "Sama Layuca".  The drumming is spectacular and master Ron Carter tears it up on the bass. The trombone player is on fire as well.  Parts of this album have somewhat of a latin feel to them due to the inclusion of exotic percussion. Another shining example of spiritual free jazz.



  2. the latin feel probably comes from the Brazilian musicians playing on this record: Raul de Souza, Amaury Tristão, Dom Salvador and Guilherme Franco. All of them living and playing in NYC around that time. Some still are.