Monday, November 9, 2015

Alan Sondheim - 1968 - T'Other Little Tune

Alan Sondheim
T'Other Little Tune

01. Beautiful    
02. Varje    
03. Messier    
04. Rock    
05. Day's Eye    
06. Bludgeon    
07. Think Synk    
08. For Planck    
09. Breath    
10. Slang    
11. Steven Crain    
12. T'Other Little Tune    

Synthesizer [Moog], Piano [Prepared], Trombone, Idiophone [Jaltarang], Guitar [Hawaiian], Strings [Dilruba], Guitar [Classical], Soprano Saxophone, Recorder [Bass], Marimba, Melodeon, Composed By – Alan Sondheim
Drums, Tabla, Synthesizer [Moog] – Joel Zabor
Flute, Piccolo Flute, Synthesizer [Moog] – Gregert Johnson
Piano, Voice – June Sondheim
Tenor Saxophone – John Emigh (tracks: 2, 4)
Trumpet – Paul Phillips (2)

Recorded in May 1968.



  2. This is brilliant stuff. Are you back in biz? Did you fix all the busted links? Will you make a post of all those links, or do it one by one? Good to see you back in form - Sondheim's music is terrifying. HE's also written a number of books on digital media. I recommend his website. You can see his visual art and download his latest music for free. If you go - yes, that is how his website looks - there is no index page. Brilliant.

    1. I wish I already had all the links fixed.. I've been exceptionally lazy the last month or, I fixed some, and then I got distracted by a bunch of new records released... The Grateful Dead Box!, The Velvet Underground Loaded Box (Matrix box coming up!!!), The Steve Hackett Box! de Thrak box!... also got me about 10 Jeff Beck bootlegs from the far east from the 68/69 period... A new incredible sounding version of my favorite Zeppelin show from EatAPeach (Storming the Big Apple - 1970-09-19 - both shows) plus two Pink FLoyd boots also by the same label...and eagerly awaiting for the new Led Zeppelin 1975 soundboard being released by Empress Valley on the 14th... You just need to make time to actually listen to all this stuff... wha's the point of having a room full of musc if you dont get to listen to it... (Working our way thru the new Bob Dylan 18 cd box of the 1965/1966 sessions now) and the weekend was mostly watching the Zappa Roxy DVD one time after the

      I saw Sondheim's site, great stuff... will keep anyone entertained for a while!