Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tommy Flanders - 1969 - The Moonstone

Tommy Flanders 
The Moonstone

01. Since You've Been Gone - 2:37
02. Blue Water Blue - 3:05
03. Morning Misty Eyes - 2:59
04. A Detective Story - 3:52
05. Purple And Blue - 3:40
06. The Moonstone - 4:38
07. By The Mailbox We Stood - 3:16
08. Angel Of Mercy - 3:42
09. Boston Girls - 3:08
10.Sleepin' - 3:50
11.She's My Love - 4:44

Tommy Flanders - Vocals
J. Bruce Langhorne - Guitar
Michael Botts - Drums
Dick Rosmini - Guitar, Keyboards
Jerry Scheff - Bass

Tommy Flanders the singer of The Blues Project  departed the group after their first LP, "Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go". In 1969 he released this, his own Solo Debut LP, The Moonstone, featuring: J. Bruce Langhorne (Guitarist with Bob Dylan; Joan Baez, etc); Dennis McCarthy, Michael Botts (Drummer with Hoyt Axton, Karla Bonoff, etc); Dick Rosmini (Guitarist with Hoyt Axton; Doug Dillard; etc); and Jerry Scheff (Bass with Hoyt Axton; Marc Benno; The Association).

The faded, melancholy vibe herein is somewhat unsettling, as the ghost of a fairly straight acoustic pop album is dimly apparent, and Tommy's voice still sounds occasionally as positive as it did on his earlier "Violets Of Dawn”.

Tommy Flanders comes off gentle and unassuming on "The Moonstone".  This is one of those albums that I encountered because of some long forgotten internet recommendation.  Took a few listens to get down with this album's low key charm, although the last track immediately caught my attention.  "She's My Love" is like a lot of the tracks in its instrumentation, but over five minutes has enough time to reach an epic climax.  This is one of the few albums I know of in which the artist addresses the audience as if they were in a night club on a couple of tracks.   Flanders announces that the end of the album is at hand and then says a quick thanks.  Well, alright!  Thank you.  Anyway, its personal touches like this that make it seem more than just the run of the mill.  Lots of acoustic guitars and acoustic piano and analog pleasant times - warm recommendations from me for the lot of it.  Wish there was more like it these days

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