Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Blues Project - 1973 - Reunion In Central Park

The Blues Project 
Reunion In Central Park

01. Introduction: Ron Delsener     0:37
02. Louisiana Blues     3:38
03. Steves Song     3:34
04. Introduction: Al And Andy     0:42
05. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes     5:26
06. You Can't Catch Me     4:13
07. Introduction: Al     0:55
08. Fly Away     3:28
09. Caress Me Baby     7:36
10. Introduction: Andy     0:35
11. Catch The Wind     4:22
12. (I Heard Her Say) Wake Me Shake Me     9:11
13. Introduction: Danny Kalb     1:00
14. Two Trains Running     13:30

Al Kooper: keyboards, vocals, rhythm guitar
Andy Kulberg: bass
Danny Kalb: lead guitar, vocals
Steve Katz: harmonica, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals
Roy Blumenfeld: drums

Recorded Live at the Schaffer Festival in Central Park New York on June 24th, 1973

This reunion concert, -the first featuring all five members since early 1967-, was a major event at the time. Heard today, the Project's unique blend of blues, pop, and folk rock is as potent as ever, and the performances here simply crackle with energy. It's easy to understand why fans called them the Jewish Beatles. Actually, on balance, this is probably the group's all-around best album, if for no other reason than the excellent sound quality; the Project's two "official" albums famously suffered from some of the tinniest sonics of the period.



  2. wow...I had this as vinyl... bought 30 years ago...thanks for this kinda "time-traveling in memories"
    .. keep up the good work... YOU ROCK !!! cheers proggy