Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Blues Project - 1972 - The Blues Project

The Blues Project 
The Blues Project

01. Back Door Man     3:34
02. Danville Dame     5:00
03. Railroad Boy     3:14
04. Rainbow     4:25
05. Easy Lady     3:03
06. Plain And Fancy     4:30
07. Little Rain     5:10
08. Crazy Girl     3:21
09. I'm Ready     4:25

Danny Kalb: guitar
Bill Lussenden: guitar
Tommy Flanders: vocals
Don Kretmar: bass guitar, saxophone
Roy Blumenfeld: drums
Gabriel Mekler: marimba, organ, piano

In 1972 Tommy Flanders rejoined a version of The Blues Project that included Danny Kalb and Roy Blumenfield. Even though Flanders had demonstrated a tender and skilled singing voice on his own Moonstone a couple of years earlier, he referred to his heavier more bluesy voice for this.

The best song hands down is their cover of Tim Hardin's "Danville Dame", a song that is given a fine workout by the group. A few other songs are impressive and there isn't anything that doesn't work.

Same people as Lazarus, but including Flanders, guitarist Bill Lussenden, and ex-Country Joe and the Fish pianist David Cohen.  Produced by Gabriel Meckler, most famous for producing Steppenwolf

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