Saturday, October 3, 2015

Supersister - 1972 - Superstarshine Vol.3

Superstarshine Vol.3


01. She was naked (3:43)
02. Missing link (2:57)
03. (I'm) Gonna take easy (2:40)
04. Wow (The intelligent song) (12:58)
05. The groupies of the band (4:28)
06. Spiral staircase (3:04)
07. Fancy nancy (1:46)
08. A girl named you (3:20)
09. No tree will grow (7:38)

- Robert Jan Stips / keyboards, lead vocals, vibes
- Ron van Eck / (bass) guitar, fuzzbass
- Sacha van Geest / flutes, vocals
- Marco Vrolijk / drums, percussion, vocals

This weird and bizarre object is actually a compilation of many single only tracks, live recordings and odd bits. What is really unsettling is that the artwork seems to come out of a real cheapie series where among others, you'd find Cream second live album with similar cover. Actually this compilation presents many fine Supersister moments to make it worthy of being a full album.

The first two tracks are excellent examples of what Supersister can do best, great Canterbury-like fusion, but unfortunately right after it comes a spoof RnR number (excellent made, but ruining the feeling built up so far. With such compilation, it might have been easier to put such out of context odd bits at the end, so they can be easily skipped (vinyl-wise). After a lengthy introduction (and not-so-intelligent no matter what the group says), comes a great no-less-lengthy Wow (live) track owing as much to Zappa than to Caravan or Soft Machine. Weird vocal parts, great instrumental interplay are the main feature of this high-mark of this compilation even if there are uneven passages.

The next (also live) Groupies is again another spoof-goof track, which is impeccably played, borrowing from every kind of popular ditties, but again, this all-out bizarrerie is rather unnerving: Maybe I accept more of this stuff from Zappa than from these crazy Dutchmen, but I have problems coming to grip with this kind of silliness. The following tracks are from their respective album's sessions and are your "typical" - as in "original" (as in "whacko") - SS track.

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