Saturday, October 3, 2015

Supersister - 1972 - Pudding And Gisteren

Pudding And Gisteren

01. Radio (4:00)
02. Supersisterretsisrepus (0:16)
03. Psychopath (3:58)
04. Judy Goes on Holiday (12:38)
05. Pudding en gisteren (Music for Ballet) (20:59)

Total Time: 41:51

bonus tracks on remastered reissue
06. Dead Dog (Single B-Side) (2:43)
07. Wow (Live Version) (12:59)

- Robert Jan Stips / keyboards, lead vocals, vibes
- Ron van Eck / (bass) guitar, fuzzbass
- Sacha van Geest / flutes, vocals
- Marco Vrolijk / drums, percussion, vocals

 Third album for this incredible dutch band, Pudding En Gisteren" (Music for Ballet) is the right following of their first two. The group matured immensely in the two years since their stunning debut, always expanding their ideas into new directions and kept the level of excellence established by the two previous albums. At the usual ingredients: the humour touch is always really enjoyable, the great ability to conjugate Cantebury, Symphonic and Zappa influence , they add on the side two of this album the ambitious project to write music for a ballett, using a chamber orchestra. This was the last album recorded by the original lineup of the group. Fantastic stuff!

Supersister had already released two excellent albums when their third saw the light of day. And yet again they managed to produce an album filled with the explicit sound of Supersister: excellent musicianship, humourfull lyrics and all of that in a great Canterbury style.

The album opens with Radio (which was a minor hit in the Netherlands). It starts rather normal, but halfway it goes over the top with the mad announces by Van Geest. The short Supersisterretsisrepus reads backwards the same as forwards, and it goes for the music as well. In Psychopath Stips sings that it is not strange to be a psychopath, since we are living in such a strange world. The song has only vocals, bass, flute and various keyboards. Next is Judy Goes On Holiday, which is a track that is built from many subtracks (like Nothing Is Real, which can be found on the cd m.a.n. and is the middle part of Judy Goes On Holiday). It starts with fuzzy organ and flute, then there is a portion of vocals and even electric guitar (played by van Eck). After about 9 minutes the track suddenly shifts to an Beach Boys impression. This section doesn't relate to the first part of the track. Next up is Supersister's most ambitious piece Pudding En Gisteren (Pudding And Yesterday). It was written as music for a ballet performance, so there are no vocals. The piece consists of many different parts well blended together.

For the Canterbury or Supersister fan this album is an absolute must. And if you have the chance, buy the remastered version from Universal Music (2004) because this release sounds much better than the Polydor release



  2. Thanks Drago! Never realized this is the track DJ Shadow used in Organ Donor. Very nice discovery. I'm sure I'll enjoy this album lots.....