Saturday, October 3, 2015

Solution - 1980 - It's Only Just Begun

It's Only Just Begun

01. On my own (6:35)
02. Captain Willie (5:30)
03. Mirror (8:36)
04. Logic (6:40)
05. It happened in September (6:20)
06. It´s only just begun (4:50)
07. 100 Words (4:00)

- Tom Barlage / flute, saxes, percussion, keyboards
- Willem Ennes / keyboards, backing vocals
- Hans Waterman / drums
- Guus Willemse / bass guitar, lead vocals

- Jan Akkerman / guitar on "Logic"

Like if the preceding album "fully interlocking" was not accessible and pop enough, the band here REALLY made a serious attempt to be on the radio broadcast level. You know what, their formula really works for me: tons of pleasant, joyful songs full of lead & backing vocals, saxes, woodwinds instruments, rythmic keyboards. The songs are very very catchy and addictive. The bass and drums are absolutely well played and are not minimalist at all: the ensemble is amazingly well synchronized!! They may sound just slightly like SPYRO GYRA, less jazzy. Finally, this is pop sophisticated rock/fusion/jazz, and yes, "it is only just begun".

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