Saturday, October 3, 2015

Solution - 1975 - Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu

01. Chappaqua (10:33)
02. Third Line Part 1 (1:39)
03. Third Line Part 2 (5:45)
04. A Song For You (3:53)
05. Whirligig (9:01)
06. Last Detail Part 1 (2:48)
07. Last Detail Part 2 (2:42)
08. Black Pearl Part 1 (1:14)
09. Black Pearl Part 2 (5:01)

- Tom Barlage / Alto & Soprano saxophone, percussion, backing vocals
- Willem Ennes / keyboards
- Hans Waterman / drums
- Guus Willemse / bass, lead vocals, backing vocals

- Michiel Pos / saxophone and guitar
- Frankie Fish / backing vocals

Concentration, taking their time resulting in perfect balanced fusion album.

I've always had something with prog from Holland. Solution is one of the last discoveries for my Dutch prog collection. More then prog however, this is jazz rock. Don't expect hypertechnical solo's and highly developed fusion composition here, but think of it as record with great songwriting and climaxes. This is more then technical an emotional addition for your jazzrock/fusion collection.

In this stage of their career Solution was Tom Barlage on windinstruments, Willem Ennes on keys, Hans Waterman on drums and Guus Willemse on bass and vocals. All musicians have a easy going playing style which sounds very professional. The one trap of this bands it the elevator kind of music some band make, which is of no interest to fans of progressive rock. This record might be the only record of Solution that is very atmospheric without dull moments.

Most of the tracks are instrumental, building up tension from beginning to end. Always playing perfectly by the book, but also without playing notes that are uncalled for. Berlage's wind solo's are clean and perfect, but not too perfect to be boring. In fact, I never heard a jazz-rock record with wind solo's that touched me so much as this one. A lot of people in your personal environment might also like this record, for it is not to hard to listen to.

Conclusion. A very worthwhile record and one of my favourite fusion records. It makes you want to listen to it, though without much noodlings. I'm tempted to give this five stars, but that wouldn't be appropriate for a progressive website. Still this is an excellent addition to any progressive rock music collection.

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